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Holiday Race Trilogy
4th of July 5K. Click for more info
Plus sign
Labor Day 5K. Click for more info
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Honor our Veterans 5K. Click for more info.

Runners must complete ALL three races to form the ultimate symbol 

of the U.S. A. on the backside of each finisher medal. 

Kids running on track

All funds will go towards the Go Run Foundation!

Making Change Possible

Today with projects in the USA, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Colombia, we help many less fortunate children through donations, bringing education through sport, and conditions to keep children at school.

Yes it's our mission, and It all started through a story of overcoming, love and passion for the running, Douglas Nicaragua achieved through running, and now with your charitable organization to help other people through the running.

We look for sponsors and any kind of financial donations, shoes, and gear. A little for you can be a lot for a less fortunate child.

3 Races
3 Medals
1 Challenge

race trilogy photos

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